Kathy Manning is Fighting a Rigged System

North Carolina families have been facing an uphill battle in Washington. Our voices and concerns are being drowned out by the influence of health insurance companies, huge corporations, and wealthy special interests.

Kathy is running for Congress to change that. She knows how serious the consequences of this rigged system can be for families. When Kathy’s daughter needed medication to treat a chronic illness, their insurance company said it would cost $10,000 per month out of pocket. Unfortunately, their story is similar to the story of many other families.

Kathy is running for Congress to make sure our voices are heard in Washington. She’s running to lower health care and prescription drug costs, to protect women’s rights to make their own health care decisions, to reform our criminal justice system, and to make huge corporations pay their fair share of taxes.

Together, we can make Washington work for North Carolina families again.

Join our campaign and vote

Kathy Manning for Congress

on March 3rd.